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DUNICEC COM, a quality snack manufacturer since 1994, is looking for partners in the EU to expand the DUNICEC brand, offering delicious products at affordable prices, with solid expertise in export and private label production.


DUNICEC exports its products to numerous countries internationally. Our export destinations include countries in the European Union, such as Germany, France, Italy, as well as countries outside the EU, such as the United States of America, Canada, or the United Kingdom. We continue to expand our distribution network and are open to new export opportunities.

DUNICEC products are carefully packaged for export, to ensure they arrive at their destination in optimal conditions. Each product is individually packed in its packaging, and then the products are placed in sturdy cardboard boxes, suitable for international transport. These boxes are then placed on pallets and wrapped in plastic film to ensure stability during transport. All packaging complies with international regulations on food safety and goods transport.

Yes, DUNICEC offers private label options for its products. This means that you can sell our products under your brand, benefiting from the same quality and taste experience that we offer under the DUNICEC brand. Whether sprinkled with salt, sesame, or poppy seeds, our products are made with the same care and dedication, regardless of the brand under which they are sold. This is an excellent option for companies looking to expand their product range without investing in production infrastructure.

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